About Us

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Every boy and girl in Oklahoma City deserves the best education we can provide.

About Us

St. Paul’s Community School is being formed to help meet the need for high quality, affordable education on the south side of Oklahoma City.  It is born from the Christian conviction that the children of our neighbourhoods are made in the image of God.

Every boy and girl in Oklahoma City, whatever his or her socio-economic background, deserves the best education we can provide.  And all of them have the capacity to repay that provision in their adult lives, according to the various talents with which God has endowed them.

St. Paul’s Community School is a private school. Tuition will be determined on a sliding scale based on the family’s income. We truly desire to make this education available to all families, regardless of income.

The Solution at St. Paul’s

A Christ-centered school is a refuge, an extension of the church, an anchor, and a launching pad. Students will encounter Christian teachers every day who model character, grace, and excellence. Teachers will equip students with the skills they need while consistently demonstrating the love and grace of our Lord. St. Paul’s will offer:

  • Excellent classical Christian education
  • Faculty and staff who are deeply rooted in Christ
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Strong partnership with families
  • An emphasis on character development

Family Involvement

It is our desire at St. Paul’s to partner with parents as they raise their children. We will expect all parents to maintain high involvement in their child’s education, including paying tuition, participating in school events, and assisting them in their studies. However, we do not want the cost of tuition to prevent students from attending St. Paul’s; therefore, we are asking God to provide resources to offset the cost.

Give to St. Paul’s Community School

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This education will be made possible through the generous and sacrificial giving of supporters in Oklahoma City and beyond. Thank you for joining us in God’s work through your gift.