Who Are We?

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We want children to begin their education in wonder so we provide time and space for children to explore the natural world, listen to beautiful music, and think about stories filled with truth and goodness. We teach history not as disconnected dates, but as a story, beginning to end, so that students have a strong sense of the timeline of events and the contexts of the texts they are reading. Students read the best books of the Western Tradition, study Latin, as it offers a basis for understanding all language, and embrace a rigorous training in math, music, and the sciences. More On Classical Education.


As a Christian school, we uphold the Nicene Creed. We believe in the God given dignity of all persons, and that a child is not a something to prune and mold, but an individual who thinks, acts, feels, and hungers for knowledge. Teachers at St. Paul’s help the students grow into a full, virtuous life by partnering with parents to better understand and educate their children. Further, as Christians, we commit to rooting our relationships in Christian principles of grace, love, and forgiveness.


At St. Paul’s, we believe place matters. We are committed to seek the flourishing of the neighborhood we are in, and of the wider South OKC area. As a school we will support local businesses, work with local churches, and we will pay attention to the needs of those around us. St. Paul’s students will be blessed by the education they receive, and that blessing is not an end in itself, but a means to bless others in South OKC and beyond.


Economic Need



of families in South OKC qualify for free and reduced-price meals.

Economic poverty often correlates to deficits in emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and linguistic development in children.

These children often experience
• unstable emotional-behavioral conditions in the home
• thin support systems
• a shortage of positive relationships and role models

An Educational Crisis


16of the17

elementary schools in the South OKC quadrant received
failing grades in the 2016 school year.

In these schools:



of 3rd graders scored below proficient in math. of 3rd graders scored below proficient in language arts.

These students are 4 times less likely to graduate high school. High school dropouts are 63 times more likely to be incarcerated than peers with college degrees.

Our Mission

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We exist to partner with families and churches in the work of nurturing wise, virtuous and skilled students who will use their God-given abilities to bless people for the glory of Jesus Christ and the flourishing of south Oklahoma City.

Help Us Fulfill Our Vision

St. Paul’s is a private school, primarily funded by outside donations and grants, and secondarily by tuition. In order to fulfill our vision of making this education available to all families, tuition will be paid on a sliding scale based on income.

For now our giving is being redirected through Christ Community Church. Click the box to be directed to their donation site and donate to the “Education” fund.

Our Vision

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We seek to make a classical Christian education of the highest quality accessible to all families in Oklahoma City, regardless of income or ethnicity.