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This information is used for planning purposes only.If your student is accepted, you will participate in a New Family Conference where your exact family tuition will be determined.

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As the parent(s)/guardian(s), I/we understand that in applying, we are willing to have our child trained in accordance with the Christ-centered mission of St. Paul’s Community School. I/we also understand that:
  1. The administration and teachers will use wise discretion in the correction and discipline of my/our child as set forth in the Scriptures.
  2. The administration has full responsibility for placing my child in the proper grade.
  3. My cooperation is expected in the regular payment of tuition and fulfillment of the requirements of the Parent Covenant.
  4. St. Paul’s Community School is a private school; attendance is a privilege and not a right. St. Paul’s reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student at any time if deemed necessary.
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