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The total cost of tuition for a student at St. Paul’s Community School is about $7,000. While most Christian schools charge tuition to cover 90% of costs and raise the other 10%, at St. Paul’s nearly 90% of our costs are covered by generous giving.

Family tuition is determined on a sliding scale, and our partners cover the rest. Partners are individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches. The “family share” of tuition at St. Paul’s is affordable for all our families. The tuition ranges between $30-$700 per month and is calculated based on household income and family size.

Help Students Attend St. Paul’s

We believe God is calling us to take this step of faith, and we’re asking you to prayerfully consider coming with us. Because of limited public funding for private schools, it will take the generosity of partners to make this vision possible.

Our estimated first-year budget will be $460,000 to serve 48 students in grades Pre-K, K, and 1. We will add a grade each year. Between 15% and 30% of the budget will come from student tuition, but we are inviting Partners to provide the rest ($400,000 for 2019-2020).

Partners are individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations who sponsor students to attend St. Paul’s. Partners will receive letters from students and have the opportunity to engage in the classroom at annual Partner Days at the school.

Would you prayerfully consider giving at one of the following levels?

Gift Range # Total
Cornerstone $25,000+ 2 $50,000
Anchor $15,000+ 3 $35,000
Student Partner $7,000 (1/2: $3,500) 50 $280,000
Donor Any amount 60 $5,000
Total 135 $400,000

Give to St. Paul’s Community School

This education will be made possible through the generous and sacrificial giving of supporters in Oklahoma City and beyond. Thank you for joining us in God’s work through your gift.